Essential Oils for your Chicken Coop

This article is purely based on my personal experience and thoughts. I am not medically nor professionally trained, thus I am not responsible for your decisions on following my experience on using essential oils on your pets.

Last year, I was gifted Frankincense and Oregano essential oil from a friend and since I really love having scents in my house.. Why not, add it into our chicken coop too?

But before I do anything new, I will always read and research more about it, especially when it involves my pets! And some essential oils are actually toxic to animals. So do your research first!

A quick google showed that many chicken owners overseas have already started using essential oils for their chickens including adding Oregano oil to their drinking water!

However, I am not comfortable with them ingesting essential oils. Thus this is totally out for me!

So why frankincense and oregano? Below is a summary based on Google search.


Benefits of Frankincense for Chickens

  • Powerful anti-microbial functions
  • Boost immunity
  • Reduce anxiety and stress

Benefits of Oregano for Chickens

  • Similar to Frankincense, also have potent anti-microbial properties
  • Many chicken owners use this in their chicken feed and water (I’m not) to build up immunity.
  • Also as antibiotic alternative

How do I use it?

I am very conservative to such alternative medicine or treatment, so I am not quite comfortable feeding them essential oils, as they are quite concentrated as compared to natural herbs.

Diatomaceous Earth is definitely required for all chicken keepers!

Everytime after i clean their coop, add fresh wood shavings and Diatomaceous Earth, I will sprinkle 2 to 4 drops on their wood shavings or coop walls. I always use Frankincense and Oregano.


I will air the coop, open up all the windows and doors, let it sun or air for at least 2 hours, before i let them in for the night.

I always look forward to cleaning my chicken coop, as it always smell so good and satisfying after a hard day work! Not forgetting, I still have dried lavender buds in it too!

Can I apply essential oils directly on my pet chicken?

Remember that essential oils are highly concentrated, and always to dilute it with a carrier oil before applying it directly on the pet.

I also do not recommend using directly on your pet chicken, please send to your local vet for any medical attention.

Clean, Dry Coop = Happy & Healthy Chickens!

Remember to always keep your wood shavings clean and dry.

Always touch and feel the sides of the coop to check for any dampness due to rain. Remove the wet shavings immediately, use towel to pat the area dry, sun if possible.

If not, add and rub Diatomaceous Earth directly on to the affected area. It will help absorb the water from the wood.

Nobody like wet and soggy place to live in, same goes for our pet chickens too!


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