How to Stop Pet Roosters and Peacocks from Crowing (Without crow collar)!

It is the mating season for peacocks this month and oh boy, they sure are super LOUD! Luckily, we thought of playing classic music to them and surprisingly it really calmed the peacocks down.

So, I decided to try the same to our boys at home, and it really worked!!!

I do not advocate long term use of crow collars as they do not feel comfortable in it, and can cause skin rash, baldness and hampering their vigour, thus negatively affecting their quality of life. This is a much safer alternative and humans can also enjoy the music too!

Step 1:

Buy a waterproof speaker. Since our chickens are mostly outdoors and only crow during daytime. I bought the cheapest outdoor speaker that I can find.

It cost only S$6 and works pretty well. The cover for the charging port cannot be closed completely, so I doubt it is 100% waterproof.

I also got an external SD card so that its battery life can last longer, compared to using bluetooth connection.

Battery life: Approximately 3 hours.

Charging time: 1 hour

Shopee link:

Step 2: Download classic piano music (YouTube?) and insert into your SD card. Avoid those that have strong bass or fast pace music. You want to calm them down and not excite them! And yes, I’ve tested different kind of music and they react strongly to it! They even grumble when the DJ on Symphony 92.4 start talking. LOL

Step 3: Just play it!

As our roosters are quite quiet during night/early morning, we only play it during morning or afternoon or whenever they get noisy, and start to have crowing competitions with the wild roosters.

It works really well, as you can see from the video, they totally calmed down and even ignored the wild roosters crow.

Did you know that Kee Song farm also broadcast Mozart music to their hens? It helps to keep them calm and happier!


Remember this method may not work for all roosters, and roosters can be really loud. Always make sure you research properly before keeping any pet chickens. Your cute little chicks, may turn out to be loud and aggressive roo!

Check out our model unleashing his crow!

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