Avian Vets in Singapore

Here are the recommended clinics that we always visit for our pet chickens:

The Animal Clinic

Dr Hsu at the Animal Clinic (Clementi), is our go-to vet for our pet chickens. Friendly staff and affordable rates. Highly recommended but always fully booked. Unable to meet Dr Hsu face to face for consultation due to their new COVID regulations. However, you can speak to him over the phone. And call their friendly nurses if you need any assistance.

Website: https://www.animalclinic.com.sg


Another clinic I would like to recommend is Dr Rina at BeeCroft located at East Coast Road. She is very detailed and spot-on with her diagnosis. However, rates are little on the high side. Do ask for a bill estimate first before deciding on commencing with the tests or treatments.

Website: https://www.birdvet.com.sg

Other Avian vets in Singapore

Credits to ParrotFunHouse