Our See Through Duck Pool! Duck Stalking to the next level!

Due to the recent NTU/NUS shower filming incidents, this article you are going to read is 100% safe and legal. You will not get caught or fine for filming/stalking ducks in their shower.

A long overdue post on my fancy see through duck pool that I got from taobao (yes, taobao is indeed a lifesaver for me!)

Imagine the excitement on my face when I finally found the dream pool for them! Its within my budget, space saving, and yet deep enough for them.

Pet Duck Singapore

I’ve been using it since Sept 2019 and unfortunately, the transparent PVC is now stained and not as clear as before. (Did you know ducks love to swim and poop at the same time?) That’s an issue with ducks, they are cute to watch, sometimes huggable, but oh my, they sure have loads of explosive pooping to do.

My grass below has perished too, well, that’s expected.


It was all good for a few days, until Quack Quack decided to go back to using his old green pail. He will only use the big pool for maximum of 1 minute and fly off to his old pail!

My pets sometimes seriously drive me crazy. Everytime I buy nice stuff for them, and ended up they prefer their old ones. Just like the chicken cage too!

Here’s a little throwback!

The link to purchase this pool which was meant to separate sick koi fishes can be found here

I received the package after waiting for more than 1 month, and immediately got down to assemble it at 1130pm! It was not easy fiddling the small nuts and bolts, but you will soon get the hang of it.

Total assembly time roughly about 40 mins, just me alone in the dark.

The size I got was 100cm x 80 cm x 35cm, and btw, you can also let the seller know where you like to place your water-flow valve at. And they will customize for you at no additional charge!

I immediately filled it up with water and couldn’t wait to see Quack’s reaction the next day!

He was initially apprehensive to it but quite happy diving and swimming and chasing his feet! And i never get tired of watching him swim especially with that transparent PVC.

Action of Quack Quack chasing his feet! lol

Its simply so adorable to see his little feet waddling around!

Pet Duck Singapore