The Secret to Bonding With Your Chickens!

I was fortunate to be given my first pets – chicks and ducklings, when I was 4 years old. My parents wanted to start educating us on pet responsibility as young as possible. And subsequently, I had a whole lot of other pets in my life.

However, only recently I went back to poultry and realized that they CAN really forge a bond with us.

Jayce Ho with Pet Chickens in SIngapore

Our family of Polish chickens never fail to amaze me with all their different amusing behaviours.

They can get jealous. They demand pats and cuddles. They nag. They hate my floral/polka dots outfit. They love car rides. They love being blowdried after shower. They respond to their names.

The secret to bonding with your chickens is pretty simple and cost nothing at all.

Polish Chicken in Singapore

So.. What’s the secret?

Just spend time with them!

Polish Chicken in Singapore

I will handle them on a daily basis and calling their names frequently. No treats or snacks required.

Hug and carry them while I work on my laptop, watch tv, housework etc.

Sit in front of their coop, and just read a book while cuddling them. Friends know every Sunday is the day I will have to stay at home to run errands and housework.

Seriously, lots of small little stuff to do when you have a handful of animals at home! And we do not have a helper for more than 20 years!

It’s never about “I can’t find time to do it.”, well, if you’re determined and committed, I’m sure you can definitely find time for anything!

No excuses!

Pet Polish Chicken Singapore