Weekend Project : Solar Fan

The weather has been unforgiving and scorching hot for the past few weeks. I’ve noticed our chickens been breathing from their mouths especially in the mid-afternoon.

Luckily they know how to rest and dust bath in cool shady areas, and I’ve also added poultry electrolytes into their waterer as a precaution.

And …

I’ve also decided to install a solar fan in their nesting coop!

I bought a small 6W solar panel and a mini soft blade fan from Taobao for just SGD$10. Wattage may be too small, but is just for a trial project.

Here are the things you need:

  1. My trusty Ikea cordless drill
  2. Manual wood drill
  3. Wood nails
  4. Screw hooks

Step 1: Find a spot to slot the USB connector into the nesting area.

Step 2: Drill 2 x Wood Screws in to hold the Solar Panel.

Step 3: Screw in the screw hooks to hang the fan. I secured it with masking tape.

The clip is to prevent the fan from hitting the wood panel.

And that’s it!

Our hen came in to enjoy the cool wind immediately and started to lay her egg!!

A final photo of our coop with the wirings hidden at the side!

Do remember to always observe your chickens or any pets for signs of heat exhaustion.

Make sure water and shade is readily available.


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