Adopters and Breeders Screening

It is important for me to screen adopters and it is also equally important for you, as an adopter, to screen breeders.


Simply because we want the best for our chicks!

How Do I Screen Adopters

  • Any experience keeping chickens, or any pets.
  • Are they adopting chicks out of impulsiveness?
  • Residing in private property? Landed?
    • AVS only allow maximum 10 non-commercial poultry in each private property. HDB is out.
  • Buying or building coop?
  • Chicks may grow up to be roosters.
  • Lots of cleaning work to be done
  • Do you have the commitment?
  • Set the expectations right!

I will also send them my infographics link, get them to read, take their time to digest and decide again. And if they are committed to it, start buying the necessities.

Basically, once you get the ball rolling, you can easily tell if the adopter is a true animal lover or simply someone who just want to have chicks to show off on their social media (YES! I’ve encountered that one guy with over 9k followers on Instagram…)

I will insist on delivering the chicks to them, and to look at the surrounding, to check if it is appropriate for the chicks or not. If I sense something is not right, I will reject them.

Also remind them NOT TO abandon chickens in the wild, as they will not survive. Your cute cuddly chicks may also turn out to be roosters. Be prepared!

I am very fortunate that many of my adopters frequently send me photos and video updates of the chicks, and always feel so happy to see them bond so well together! Most importantly, we have became friends!

How To Screen Breeders?

Similarly, it is best for adopters to screen for responsible breeders. You do not want your chicks to come out from a chick mill, right?

  • Ask for photos of the parents chickens
  • Are they housed in cramped, dirty and small cages?
  • Do the chickens look happy, clean and healthy?
  • Any hard-selling?
  • Check the background of the breeder if you can.

Also, does the breeder keep asking you questions, checking you out? – Do not feel offended, in fact, you should feel happy that he/she is doing what they should do!

Ask for updates on your chicks, and they should be more than happy to send you photos or videos.

Make sure the breeders do not handover the chicks to you that are just a few days old! Responsible breeders will keep the chicks till they are healthy enough to be adopted out. Chicks that are too young, are still highly susceptible to diseases and illnesses.

After you got your chicks,

  • Check if the chicks are healthy, alert, and chirpy!
  • Are the eyes clear and bright?
  • Are they active?
  • Are the wings and feet ok?
  • Do they walk strangely?
  • Any splayed legs issue?

Feel free to ask the breeder any questions or doubts that you have. Do not hesitate to ask! Make sure that the breeder is able to answer you, if he/she can’t answer you basic questions on their chickens. That is also a red alert for you!

Remember, responsible breeders are here to guide you along with your newly adopted chicks.

Note to Potential Adopters

Please think properly before committing to any pets. Do not adopt them out of impulsiveness or because they are cute and cuddly. Don’t forget your cute chicks may turn out to be a rooster. Are you (and your neighbours) ready for the crowing?

Do your research properly on the breed and the breeders.

I look forward to seeing you in the journey of chicken keeping in Singapore. And hope you enjoy the article.


SGPolishChicken 🐣